For Wednesday, September 27th, 2023:

  1. If you weren’t happy with your Module 1 grade, don’t despair!  There is an opportunity to replace one grade from among the Part B questions you attempted (four questions each worth 10 points):
    1. If you wish to replace a grade of 7, 8, or 9, I will provide a similar problem and ask you to hand in a solution on canvas.  I will announce this after I have finished the in-person replacements for other students.
    2. If you wish to replace a grade less than or equal to 6, then we will meet in person, and I will ask you to solve a similar problem.  If you wish to do this, then please schedule a time with me (zoom or in person).  This time can be anytime in the next week or so, but you must contact me to schedule it before Wednesday.  Just email/DM me to set this up.
  2. Your Module 1 test was handed back Monday and solutions are on the “Archive” tab above.  Please take a look through these and make sure you understand how to do the problems and what your mistakes were.
  3. Please compare last daily to the solutions here.  Make sure you understand and correct your previous work.
  4. Try out this Chinese Remainder Theorem problem, by hand:  x = 3 mod 244 and x = 17 mod 495.  Show all the steps of the process, including the extended euclidean algorithm.  You can use the computer to do modular arithmetic for you (e.g. multiplying things if needed), but show the steps as if doing it by hand.  Hand this in on the dropbox.
  5. Use any remaining time to catch up on past daily posts, or do extra examples of CRT problems (you can make up your own by just putting in whatever numbers you want, as long as the moduli are coprime, and you can always check your answer by plugging it back into the original equations).