Classroom Expectations

Remote Requirements

We will be using zoom and discord for synchronous activities.  I plan to get creative in the use of these things (for example, I might have you on different discord text chats while on zoom video, and use breakout rooms for shared math groupwork).  I want to make use of our tools to make this course interactive.  It will take some patience and learning on both our parts.

So ideally I want to make sure every student has the ability to do the following things.  If you can’t do one of these, please contact me right away to discuss options.  I want to help!

  • a quiet location to attend remotely for synchronous activities, where you are able to have voice/video on to talk to me and your classmates (there will be lots of groupwork)
  • be simultaneously able to interact by voice/video on zoom and by text/voice/video on the discord channel (i.e. can have both apps open)
  • be able to share screen on zoom, showing a downloaded PDF worksheet or browser window
  • have at least one means of communicating equation-heavy mathematics while working in a group on zoom/discord.  This could be any of the following:
      • able to aim webcam steadily at paper (e.g. propped up over the paper with a stand) to see writing clearly (this is more challenging than it sounds; holding paper up to a laptop webcam is less than ideal)
      • able to share screen where you can write with a tablet pen
      • able to take photo of math on your phone and post it to discord
      • able to type an equation to the mathbot in discord to be typeset
      • other creative ideas

Zoom/Discord Expectations

Students are expected to behave just as they would in a real classroom.  The standard CU syllabus statement says both students and faculty are responsible for maintaining an appropriate learning environment in all instructional settings, whether in person, remote or online.  In particular, you are expected to:

  • Be respectful of other students, and support the learning of one another.  Care for one another.
  • From the syllabus:  Professional courtesy and sensitivity are especially important with respect to individuals and topics dealing with race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation or political philosophy
  • Use the offered pronouns if available.
  • Respect each other’s ideas and critique ideas in a polite and respectful manner.
  • No personal attacks, no rude comments, no demeaning comments, no discrimination, no making anyone feel bad, in any medium.  No inappropriate pictures, usernames, etc.
  • Be “in class” on time.
  • Be in a place where you can work without (much) interruption or distraction, and can share both video and audio from your location.
  • Join the class with video on (lighting so you are visible) and microphone muted.
  • Have paper to write on.
  • Have phone on silent; computer notifications muted; and in all other ways focus on class and do not multitask.
  • Join the class in the same state you would for in person (proper attire, groomed…).
  • Make sure your real name (first and last) are displaying on both zoom and discord. Add your pronouns, if you like.  First name + last initial is ok (unless we have too many coincidences).
  • Make sure your official username in discord (which is still visible even when you have set your nickname) is not offensive in any way.
  • When not speaking, mute your microphone.
  • You may interrupt by unmuting yourself and saying “excuse me” to ask a question.
  • Everything is in working order (your microphone hears you, your face is visible, your software is operational).
  • Virtual backgrounds should be class appropriate and not changed during the class.
  • Don’t distract other students.
  • Behave as if you were in a room with the rest of the class!