For Friday, Dec 8th, 2023

  1. Using the textbook chapter 18 on canvas, do some of the review problems which are now posted on the “Tests” tab for coding theory.
  2. ONLINE FCQs are open!  Please please please complete these!  It helps a lot to have concrete feedback.
  3. Please fill out this anonymous direct-to-me feedback form about the course.
  4. Please think about the following (also listed in the form above):  “Ask me anything”  What questions are you left with about cryptography?  This is very broad:  you can ask about current events, research, related topics, my experience, anything.  I may have a little time left in class to use, and one option would be to answer these questions.  If you tell me some questions now, I could research them a little.  Feel free to email/DM these to me, or put them in the form above.  (Don’t hand them in on canvas, I’ll notice them less immediately there.)
  5. On Friday there will be a presentation by one of our expert graduate students on cryptography in real life (as it pertains to their research).  Attendance is expected — please support our student presenters, in person if possible!