50% Mid-semester Module Assessments

(4 of these at 12.5% each — adjusted)

These will be in-class (50 min) assessments.  There will be one following each of modules 2-5 of the course (dates will be set according to when modules finish).  You will have an opportunity to improve your score by presenting to me in person.  Material from Module 1 can be tested as part of these assessments any time after it is covered (in other words, it is sprinkled through semester).

25% Daily Tasks / Participation

Daily tasks (see The System) can be collaborative, and this grade will be based on daily task effort/completion and attendance and productive participation in groupwork in class, participating in the creation of a collegial atmosphere, observing zoom usage guidelines, etc.  I will excuse up to 6 absences and 8 missed daily tasks without need for justification.  You will track and assign this grade to yourself using a worksheet.

25% Final Exam (Sunday December 11th, 7:30 pm – 10 pm)

5% is the “Module 6 Assessment” and 20% is a comprehensive review of the course, including the material from Module 1, as well as all the other modules.  (Which adds up to 25% — proportion adjusted above.)

Math 5440 Grading

Students taking 5440 instead of 4440 will write a final project which is an in-depth exploration (10-15 pages written project) on an aspect of the course they wish to dive deeper into.  This will be due on the last day of classes.  The semester grade, computed as above, will be scaled down to 80%, and the project will be worth the remaining 20%.

Illness and Interruption

Students who are seriously ill or otherwise facing difficult circumstances should contact the instructor for help in keeping up with the course or grading adjustments.  Allowances will be made.