For Friday, September 1st

Hi all, this is your first daily post with real math content.  Remember, you should set aside a studious hour for this.  If you don’t finish everything in one hour, continuing now or catching up later or skipping things is at your discretion.  Here’s what you should do with your hour before Friday’s class:

  1. Watch my video Modular Arithmetic User’s Manual.
  2. Do this worksheet.  We will take it up at the beginning of class.  (Here’s the LaTeX if you want.)
  3. For the course, we will use Sage Mathematics Software for computations.  Here’s a Sage worksheet that shows how to use Sage as a calculator for modular arithmetic.  Check it out (do each computation by hand and then compare to the computer output).  Note:  worksheets on the course website do not save your data.
  4. Download this daily post worksheet and fill out your info for today’s daily post.
  5. Upload your completed modular arithmetic worksheet (step 2 above) to canvas in the daily post dropbox which is open now, due at the beginning of Friday’s class.  Uploading your daily work helps both of us keep a record of your progress in the course, and allows for occasional feedback from me and the grader, but it will not be officially graded.
  6. Contact me if you have any concerns about the class being recorded.  I *do not* want this to discourage anyone from speaking in class, so talk to me, I can edit the audio if needed.
  7. If you just joined the class, catch up on the first day or two on the “archive” tab above and read all the tabs at the top of the website for syllabus info.
  8. Make it part of your daily (“lecturely”) routine to look over what has been done and catch up on anything missing.
  9. FYI:  The best way to contact me is discord.  If you want to meet in person just let me know.  I will set regular office hours when things settle down.