For Wednesday December 7th:

For Wed:

  1. This is your last daily post!  Thank you all so much for bringing your enthusiasm to the class.  This has really been one of my favourite classes ever.
  2. This daily post was posted late!  Please give yourself an extra day to hand it in if needed.  Apologies.
  3. Many last announcements:
      1. Today was the last lecture with content for the final exam.  Wednesday will be a presentation by our graduate student; attendance is still expected!
      2. FINAL DAILY POST GRADE (due before exam).  When you are all done daily posts, you should complete your self eval form and upload it to canvas in the special-purpose drop box for that (not the usual one) before the exam (due the minute the exam starts).
      3. MODULE 4 & 5 RETAKES (due before exam).  These are written at this point; you’ll find the opportunity and dropbox on canvas.
      4. Did you miss a Retake?   For each one, there is/was an opportunity to make up one Part B problem to improve your grade (either in person or written).  If you missed out on one of these opportunities, please contact me and we can re-open an opportunity for you.  Please look through your records and your canvas grades and let me know if I’ve made any errors.
      5. Please complete the FCQs for this course.  I really appreciate the time you take.  They are used for my own professional development, to inform decision-making in the department, and for promotion, among other things.  The last day is Tuesday.
      6. Please also answer a few more specific questions about the course here for me (if you haven’t already):  here.  (This is an anonymous google form where you can help me understand how things like discord/daily posts etc. are helpful/not.)  I really appreciate this!
      7. Don’t interpret canvas’ “total” or “letter” grade as meaning anything.  It’s just a storage depot for the raw grades, so you can compute your letter grade by hand.  I have no idea what formula canvas is using (or more importantly how to turn it off!)
      8. There was a grading correction to the Module 5 Question 1 Part 3.  Details sent to your email; let me know if you missed this.
  4. For today’s daily, please complete the following:
      1. Please take time to do the FCQs first — DIRECT LINK — (if you don’t have time to finish this stuff below, you can finish it while studying for the final later).
      2. Here are some daily post questions to do.