For Wednesday, November 28th, 2022:

For Wed:

  1. Some announcements:
      1. All the in-class assessments are complete.  For each one, there is/was an opportunity to make up one Part B problem to improve your grade.  For each there was a grade cutoff for doing the retake written (in-person only for grades below 7 on module 2, below 6 on module 3, below 5 on module 4 and all on module 5).  You will find written retake problems for all of these on canvas (the final assessment will be written-retakes-only in the interests of time).  If you missed out on one of these opportunities, please contact me and we can re-open an opportunity for you.  Please look through your records and your canvas grades and let me know if I’ve made any errors.
      2. The final day of class there will be an in-class presentation (to which I will be joining virtually).
      3. That leaves us four lecture days for lattices & coding (sadly not enough).  For this reason the final exam will be a larger proportion of comprehensive review than expected.
      4. I apologize for not getting through material at the rate predicted.  The grading adjustments have now been made on the website in red under “Grading” in the top bar.
      5. Please go through your daily post activities and make sure I have a current version of your daily post self-evaluation sheet (and that you do too!).
  2. By hand, find a reduced basis and a shortest nonzero vector in the lattice generated by (58,19) and (168,55).  (We covered this in Monday’s class; also see section 17.2 in text, and the example in class is written up in the overleaf notes.)