For Monday November 14th

For Monday:

  • I know the course has been covering lots lately.  On Monday we will pull it all together and factor with a quantum computer.   Please take your weekend daily post time and do what is most useful for you.  Some ideas (just ideas, don’t feel obligated) are:
      1. Catch up/revisit the last daily post (here are solutions) or earlier ones.
      2. Revisit course notes and videos to solidify what we’ve got.
      3. Read your textbook’s chapter on quantum, which is much more big-picture and fewer details.
      4. Play with colour graphing the Fourier transform matrix.
      5. Watch this 3blue1brown video about the continuous Fourier tranform.  It isn’t exactly the same as the QFT, but the fundamental underlying  ideas are similar, and time spent with 3blue1brown is never wasted.
      6. Relax, have some chicken soup, and catch up on the cryptography news.