For Friday, October 5th

For Friday:

  1. Don’t forget there is a MODULE 3 assessment on Monday.  See “Goals” where I’m marking the relevant material in red.  See the last daily post for some more details.
  2. I’m having office hours Wed 2 pm (Oct 5) and Fri 9 am (Oct 7) in my office at Math 308.  I’m also available on discord over the weekend as much as I can manage.
  3. Compare to the solutions from last daily post.
  4. If you never completed the RSA ciphertext chain, please complete it now.
  5. In particular, check if you received any messages from the RSA ciphertext chain and announce their decryption (many messages didn’t get checked yet).
  6. You will sign a document on the #ciphertexts channel.
      1. For your message, write your name — a short form of it at most 6 letters.  Turn this into a number in the usual way.
      2. Use the public, private RSA key pair you created for the RSA ciphertext chain previously.   (If you lost it, you’ll have to make another, but it’s better to use your old keys.  One of the things about public key cryptography is not losing your keys.)
      3. Create an RSA signature for the message using your keys.  Announce this on the #ciphertexts channel (you should announce the message, the signature, and your public keys).
      4. Now, find someone else’s signed message and verify that their signature is valid.
      5. Check that the message they signed is their name.
      6. Announce that you have validated a signature.
  7. Please study for your module 3 assessment!  Bug me on discord with questions.