Due Friday September 16th:

Due Friday:

  1. The Module 2 Test is on Friday in class.  First and foremost, please study for that.
  2. The test covers Module 2 and also covers part of Module 1.   Written test, no calculators or cheat sheets.  I will include the mod 26 addition/multiplication tables in the test packet.  See the Goals page for a list of topics (those with checkmarks; that’s all updated).  Textbook review questions are listed under Modules 1 and 2 on that page.
  3. I will have an office hour on Thursday at noon on the classroom zoom link (available on discord and canvas).  I will try to be especially available on discord.
  4. Useful tips:  You can click “archive” in the top bar for a day-by-day list of notes (my written notes from class) and resources.  All lecture recordings (except one) are available on canvas.
  5. As something to upload to canvas for today’s daily, please make sure your daily post evaluation sheet is up to date and upload a copy of that.