Due Wednesday September 14th

For Wednesday:

  1. The Module 2 Test is on Friday in class.  It also covers part of Module 1.   Written test, no calculators or cheat sheets.  I will include the mod 26 addition/multiplication tables in the test packet.  See the Goals page for a list of topics (those with checkmarks; I’ll further update the checkmarks after Wednesday’s class, depending on what we manage to cover).  Textbook review questions are listed under Modules 1 and 2 on that page.
  2. I will have an office hour on Thursday at noon on the classroom zoom link.
  3. You can find some index calculus examples that work out nicely in this replacement video (9:18), its accompanying notes, and in the course notes I’m writing (currently section 2.8.3).  Please use these as resources rather than the live lecture video where I made and had to correct errors.
  4. Solve the discrete logarithm problem for $p=131$, $g=2$, $h=17$, using the Index Calculus method.  You may use the Index Calculus Tools and Sage’s modular arithmetic and plain arithmetic computations to avoid by-hand computations, but please solve the linear system by hand (i.e. choosing which equations to subtract from which etc.).  Note:  this is a randomized algorithm, so you will get different relations than someone else, or next time you run the tool.  If you are not finding a very nice linear system, just try to get some more relations and pick simple manageable ones.
  5. Please spend the remainder of your time studying for the Module 2 Test on Friday.