Due Wednesday August 24th

Before Wednesday’s class:

    • Get yourself set up on discord.  Before you use the invite link available in canvas, make sure your username is not offensive (I get a notification the moment you click the link).   Discord has channels where you can chat with each other, and message are public by default.  It also have a video/voice channel capability.  Please choose an alias on our server that is your first name and last initial or first name and last name (let me know of any concern).
    • Read carefully through each of the pages that is listed on the TOP menu bar of this website (History, Notes/Videos, About, etc.).  These constitute the syllabus for the course.
    • Make sure you have the textbook (Wade Trappe, Lawrence C. Washington, Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, 2nd or 3rd edition).  The third edition seems only available electronically.   The editions are very similar and either one is fine.
    • Note: the next activity is to watch a video and do an accompanying worksheet.  I strongly suggest working on this in groups, and collaborating on daily tasks with classmates in general.  To that end, I’ve set two designated times to meet on discord to do the video with peers (totally optional):
        • Monday August 22nd at 9 pm
        • Tuesday August 23rd at 6 pm
    • The main activity for this daily post is to watch my video “Modular Arithmetic: User’s Manual” (9:22 mins:secs) and do the accompanying self-check worksheet.  Please be sure to show your work on the last problem.  (Note: you don’t need to print; you can work on a separate sheet of paper if desired.)
    • You will track your work on daily posts using this evaluation form.  You’ll keep this all semester –you might want to print it out and clip it to your wall.  Give yourself a score for your work today.  You can always find the link to this file under “Notes/Videos” on the top bar.
    • After each daily post, there are two things for you to do:  first, update your daily evaluation worksheet (the bullet point above), and then second, upload a record of your work to canvas.  (There’s only one upload box on canvas, which you will use over and over again.)  The record of your daily post activity should be ONE file including images/copy of your written work, and including a copy of your self-evaluation sheet as it stands currently (both sides).  This is so we have a record we can return to if anything gets lost (chances are non-trivial that some student will lose their sheet at some point).  If you’re having trouble making one file out of a bunch of images, one basic way that works is to put them into a google doc or word file and then print to pdf.
    • I’m flexible about it as you get used to this “daily task” system.  Just try it out and let me know if there are any hiccups.  I’m here to answer questions.