Due Monday, November 23rd

Due Mon:

  • To Know:  Your assessment for Module 4 is due Monday!
  • To Know:  Here are solutions to the last daily.
  • To Do:  For the daily post, demonstrate the classical part of Shor’s algorithm using Sage, as follows:
      • Choose N = 33463.
      • Let a be your favourite random integer between 1 and N-1.
      • Define R = IntegerModRing(N) and alpha = R(a).  The Sage command alpha.multiplicative_order() will play the role of the quantum computer; it outputs the multiplicative order of alpha.
      • Use the result to factor N, in the manner of Shor’s algorithm, as described in class.  If it doesn’t work, try another random alpha (as you would in Shor’s algorithm).
      • Hand in a record of the task to the daily dropbox.