Due Monday November 16th

For Monday:

  • To Know:  I have posted the Module 4 Assessment, to be due Monday November 23rd. Material includes finite fields, elliptic curves, projective space, lattices.
  • To Know:  The last assessment will be due during exam period.  We’ll have to see how the end of the course plays out whether we’ll do separate Module 5 and 6 or combine.  (Module 5 is quantum stuff; Module 6 is coding theory; it remains to be seen how fast we cover material.)
  • To Know:  Here’s an article about a Bell test at NIST here in Boulder and how they are using it to make random numbers.
  • To Know:  Excellent 3Blue1Brown/MinutePhysics video (17:34) which closely related to what we did today.
  • To Do: Exercises on entanglement (and latex source).  Hand in on canvas.
  • To Know:  The DeLong Lectures are next week.