Due Monday, November 2nd

Due Mon:

  • To Know: Don’t forget your re-do problems for module 1 and 2 (optional); see canvas.
  • To Know:  I’ve been asked for solutions to the last two daily post tasks and I’ll make some videos about that over the weekend.
  • To Do:  Watch this YouTube Video.  This is my friend, mentor and collaborator, Dr. Kristin Lauter, from Microsoft Research.  She’s giving a fairly generally accessible talk about a lot of different aspects of modern cryptography.  She has a lot of perspective on this because she’s in industry — she does the underlying math and the deployment and implementation.  She is one of the first people to propose using isogeny graphs in cryptography, for hash functions.  You’ll find lots of interesting stuff in here about practicalities and cryptography in the real world, like the future of cryptography after quantum computing.  It’s a great overview that should be just perfect for this moment in the course, where we’ve done the classical and pre-quantum crypto and are ready to dive into the newest of the new.
  • To Do:  Just hand in some reactions to the video:  What questions did you have?  What did you learn?  3-6 sentences is fine.
  • To Know:  I’ve put together a set of links to the most recent cryptography resources (for cutting edge research) since it was requested in class.  Check back to the “Resources” tab soon.  One interesting link is the article “The Uneasy Relationship between Mathematics and Cryptography”, which is one person’s experience of the last few decades and some of the conflict and disagreements in the field, among other things.
  • Totally optional extra resources:  Here’s a YouTube Video (20 mins) that introduces isogeny-based cryptography, but with an emphasis on SIDH (not CSIDH), which is an earlier variant.  It’s aimed at an undergraduate audience that knows what groups are.  It has some review of the basics of elliptic curves and of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, so it may be of some interest for that reason too.  But this one is totally optional.