Due Wednesday, October 7th:

Due Wednesday:

  • Don’t forget your Assessment is due Wednesday!
  • Late addition:  I just posted a video on YouTube about the Gauss method for modular inverse.  We covered this in class, but I meant to make a video about it because it’s not in the textbook and I thought it would be a helpful reference.
  • Try out this Chinese Remainder Theorem problem, by hand:  x = 3 mod 244 and x = 17 mod 495.  Show all the steps of the process, including the extended euclidean algorithm.  You can use the computer to do modular arithmetic for you (e.g. multiplying things if needed), but show the steps as if doing it by hand.  Hand this in on the dropbox.
  • In preparation for class, try to solve 2x = 4 (mod 6).  How many solutions are there?  Can you give a generalizable theoretical proof your solution method is correct (not just an exhaustive check)?