Due Friday, October 2nd


Due Friday:

  • To Know:  I’ll post the assessment for Module 2 (DLP and related cryptography and modular arithmetic) later tonight.  I’m just finalizing it.  You’ll have a week to do it.
  • To Do:  Learn the Euclidean Algorithm!  It’s easy, because I’ve made a video about it (13:28).  Do as the video says (pause and think/try when it says).  Note:  if you aren’t feeling very comfortable with what the GCD (greatest common divisor) is, you may want to watch this video about GCD first (12:01) — not required, but there for you if you need it.
  • Then use the Euclidean algorithm to compute the gcd of 2266 and 822.  Notice how the numbers are even always as you continue down (think back to the video for what is happening).  Hand a neatly organized version of your work on the daily dropbox on canvas.