Due Monday, September 28th

Due Mon:

  • To Know:  I’ll post the assessment for Module 2 on Wednesday, with 1 week to do it.  The topics include everything since Module 1, which is a lot of modular arithmetic, Discrete Log Problem and methods to solve it, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and El Gamal Encryption (which we’ll cover on Monday).  I’ll give a more detailed list of topics shortly.
  • To Do:
    • Read Chapter 7, Section 7.2.3, which includes an example of Index Calculus (approximately 1.3 pages).
    • Use the Index Calculus Sage tools on the website (or your own purpose-written code) to implement Index Calculus to solve the discrete log problem 3^x = 71 (mod 127).  You’ll probably want to do the linear algebra part by hand.  You’ll probably want to pick B fairly small; experiment to make it easy for yourself.