Due Wednesday, September 16th

Due Wednesday:

  • To Know:  Please use PDF, PNG or JPG formats to upload files to canvas dropboxes.  Don’t ZIP or compress files.  Multiple files are fine.  Please make sure they are readable.  There are apps like CamScanner that turn photos into nice high-contrast PDFs.
  • To Know:  Sorry I haven’t gotten to the “biggest number” thing yet, I promise we will! 🙂
  • In class we started a worksheet.  As a wrap-up and solution set to that worksheet, watch my video Modular Arithmetic: Multiplication in Motion (23:14).
  • Spend a bit more time with the last daily task exercises if you had trouble with it — in particular, contact me for some personal help and advice if needed.  I think for some this was quick, but for others Sage was frustrating and I’d like to help.
  • To hand in today:  a check-in.  Just a quick note about how the course is going for you and if you are frustrated/happy or have any particular concerns. A sentence or two suffices.