Due Monday, September 14th

Due Monday:

  • Don’t forget your Module 1 assessment (classical crypto and intro to modular arithmetic) is due on Monday.  You’ll find it in canvas; take home test style.
  • To Know:  You may want to use the Sage Sandbox (you can always find a link at left) for quick computations with Sage that you don’t need to save.  No login required.
  • To Know:  If you are interested in learning LaTeX, the awesome software for typsetting mathematics, read on.  It’s got a little learning curve at the beginning, but I’ve designed an intro video + 45 minute self-study worksheet that I use in classes (traditionally in the computer lab, where I do the intro bit live).  Click here to do it!
  • To Know:  Thanks for your feedback on the feedback survey.  I read these carefully and consider all your suggestions and really try to see if I can implement changes.  I can’t always, but I try!
  • To Do:  Follow up on our lecture in class about DLP by doing these DLP exercises (tex) (hand in to the drop box).  DLP = Discrete Logarithm Problem.  Note: part of the purpose of the exercise is to learn how to find sage functionality by googling etc.  Sage will do a lot for you in just a couple lines if you can locate the right commands.  Don’t let yourself get frustrated, though, ask me on discord.