Due Friday, September 11th

Due Friday:

  • To Know:  I have lowered the threshold to 36 daily tasks out of 45 to count as 100%.  See the Grading page.  This is because I know life happens, so if you have to quarantine, are ill, have religious observances, etc., this should cover it.
  • To Know:  The Module 1 assessment is open and due on Monday.  Make time for it somewhere in your schedule.  “Assessment” means test, so please read the honor code rules carefully.
  • To Know:  I made an error on the very last problem on the solutions I gave to last daily’s worksheet; these have since been corrected so you can download the new version.
  • To Do:
    • Keep working on the in-class worksheet.  If you attended class, work on it until you finish question 10, or until about 25 minutes have passed, whichever comes first.  (If you didn’t attend class, please devote more than one hour to the daily post so you can catch up on the missed class by watching the video and then spending more time on the worksheet.)
    • Watch the next video Modular Dynamics: Addition in Motion (14:47).  This is essentially a sum-up of the in-class worksheet on additive dynamics and serves as “solutions” to it.
    • Finish writing up the solutions to the worksheet up to and including question 10 based on watching the video.  Hand it in to the dropbox.
    • As time permits, consider some of the “Further Questions” on the worksheet.  This might be easier after the video.  Some of these are kind of open-ended, and they are optional, but helpful.
  • To Do:  If you haven’t already, I’d appreciate your feedback on the course so far.
  • Optional:  Read this article about a famous unsolved cipher.