Due Wednesday August 26th

To do for Wednesday:

  • Thank you for your patience exploring discord on Monday!  Wednesday will be more traditional. 🙂
  • If you have not already, then view the welcome video for the course, and the discord intro video (both available on the main landing page in canvas), and get set up on discord.
  • Read through Classroom Expectations in detail.  Make sure you are set up technologically and contact me with any concerns.  In particular, I’m hoping everyone will find discord useful.  But I am very willing to help with your individual needs.
  • Make sure you have the textbook (Wade Trappe, Lawrence C. Washington, Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, 2nd or 3rd edition).  While you procure it, the 2nd chapter is available on canvas.  I hope other chapters will be available from the library in electronic form, but this isn’t for sure yet.
  • Note: the next activity is to watch a video and do an accompanying worksheet.  I strongly suggest working on this in groups, and collaborating on daily tasks with classmates in general.  To that end, I’ve set two designated times to meet on discord (check out the STUDY GROUPS category) to do the video with peers:
      • Monday August 24th at 9 pm
      • Tuesday August 25th at 6 pm
  • The main activity for this daily post is to watch my video “Modular Arithmetic: User’s Manual” (9:22 mins:secs) and do the accompanying self-check worksheet.  Please show your work on the last problem.  Then upload a picture of the worksheet to the appropriate canvas dropbox to be checked for completeness.  (Note: you don’t need to print; you can work on a separate sheet of paper if desired.)