Monday, August 29

Today’s class will be a LaTeX workshop held in a computer lab in ECCR 235.

Please bring a laptop if that’s easy for you, as there are slightly too few terminals in the lab for our class.

To do for today’s class:

  • Read Section 3.3 up to the beginning of Section 3.3.1 in your text.
  • Read Section 2.2 of your text.
  • Read Chapter 2 of The Code Book (or at least start).
  • Reminder to get organized with your study group for this week’s assignment (Mission #1, at left)
  • Note:  The Cryptosystem Organizer sheet (find it under ‘Resources’) is a study tool.  I urge you to fill out one for each of the cryptosystems we study, as an exercise for yourself, during review for the quizzes.